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Transparent Colors
| Opal Colors | General Suggestions | Nice Combinations


Transparent Colors

Light Cobalt
Dark Cobalt
Sky Blue
Pale Green
Lime Green

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Opal Colors

Cobalt Opal
Peach Opal
Sky Blue Opal
Lavendar Opal
Watercolor Opal
Raspberry Opal
Azure Opal
White Opal
Celadon Opal
Dark and Light Opal

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General Suggestions

The new Bird and Fish Vases and all the bowls with metal leaf imagery on the undersides, ie. Salmon, Pond, Turtle, Leaf, etc., can only be made in a transparent color. These pieces work well in watercolor, clear, azure, celadon, cobalt, peach and amber, but any other transparent color can be done.
The Brim Bowl, Zen Bowls, Buddha, 5 Leaf, and Mandala can also only be done in a transparent color, and work well in clear, amber, and peach.
All other work can be done in either transparent or opal.

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Nice Combinations

Minimoon, Rib Minimoon, Rib Oval, Wing Oval, Long Oval, Low Oval,Moon, Oval Nine, and Small Rib Oval are nice in:
All transparant colors, best are: clear, watercolor, all cobalts, peach, amber, celadon, and raspberry.
In opals: peach opal, white opal, watercolor opal, lavender opal, cobalt opal, raspberry opal. I haven't done many in azure, celadon, or sky blue opals, but I can.

The Moon and Putti have worked best in white opal, clear, and lavender opal, but can be made in any color.

Cradle and Cross can be made in transparent colors but I like them best in
peach opal and white opal.

Ribbed Bowl, Little Fluted, Squashblossom, and Morning Glory work well in white opal, peach opal, amber, peach, watercolor opal, lavender opal, clear, and cobalt opal, but can be made in any color, of course.

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